Root Canal

Root Canal

Saving your teeth has now become easier than you think. As dental professionals, we try our best to preserve your teeth as much as possible without the need for an extraction. A root canal is a dedicated procedure that helps heal the tooth structure from within. It avoids the need to restore teeth with the help of restorations such as dental implants or bridges.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a non-surgical method of preserving the tooth structure by rejuvenating the diseased dental pulp. An endodontist generally performs the procedure. Your root canal can be completed in not more than two visits to the dentist and often depends on the complexity of the individual cases. A root canal is known to have a very high success rate which is the reason why most patients prefer it to an extraction procedure.

How to realize if the patient is in need of a root canal?

Infections of the dental pulp are the core cause behind the teeth's deterioration. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues placed deep within the layers of the enamel. Infections of the dental are caused due to deep teeth decay, minor cracks, and chips that led the way for bacteria. Noticeable symptoms include tooth swelling, being temperature sensitive, and pain within the gums.

What is the procedure involved for a root canal?

The procedure is quite simple and would not borrow much chair time from the patient. The patient would be administered with local anesthesia to ease themselves from pain. The treatment involves where the deep decayed layers of the dental pulp get removed, cleaning and rinsing the canal, and later sealed with a biocompatible filling that restores its function.

After your root canal, your restorative dentist will choose the best type of restoration that can complete your teeth structure to serve maximum protection. Your dentist will advise you on aftercare routines and regimes to follow along with the necessary follow-ups.

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