Hygiene Services

Hygiene Services

Maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount to healthy gums and teeth. It is estimated that about three out four are affected by gum diseases and dental cavities during some time in their lives. Most are known to lose their teeth due to the common gum disease than dental cavities.

The cause behind your gum disease and chronic cavity levels is due to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque by the gum line. The formation of plaque is a natural phenomenon. However, it is essential to get rid of it as it can infect teeth surfaces diminishing its strength and durability. 

Regular brushing and flossing are integral to keep yourself free from endangering bacteria and assure oral hygiene at all times.


Brushing your teeth is critical to good oral hygiene. The bristles of your toothbrush would work their way to remove debris and other particles helping to keep your oral cavity clean and germ-free. Dentists recommend using a soft-medium toothbrush. Brushing your teeth in a circular motion will gently scrape off the dirt. After brushing, it is essential to rinse up very thoroughly. Patients may also use mouthwash as its anti-bacterial properties can fight against infections and also assure a pleasant scent.


Most gum diseases originate from areas between your teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. Flossing can effectively remove such depositions and debris. By pulling out a line of floss, gently bring it between the adjacent sides of your teeth and slowly slide them up and down. Be careful not to cut your gums. Once they disintegrate, pull out a fresh line of floss and repeat.

Your dentist will guide you more about brushing and flossing techniques.

Our Services

To get the quality oral service that you deserve, we offer comprehensive oral assessments, periodontal assessments, stain removal and polishing, intraoral and extra oral examinations at our facility. We also provide our patients with sealants which are generally advised for minors between the ages of 6 and 12.

Visit our practice to understand more about the hygiene services that we offer. Schedule your appointment with us, today.


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