Dental Filling

Dental Filling

Restoring and preserving the health of the enamel is what dental fillings do. The treatment involves filling your dental cavities with a biocompatible solution to reinforce teeth's integrity, contour, and function. 

The procedure involves creating a small hole over the infected teeth and removing any dental mass that's the cause for infection. Upon removal, the dentist will fill the cavity with a dental filling material that is best compatible with the patient's bodily nature.

Types of Filling

It's best to leave it to the dentist to help you choose the best kind of filling material. A wide range of filling material is available to restore teeth to their full function and integrity. Dental filling material varies regarding color, strength, durability, and chemical properties that they are likely to exhibit.

Amalgam Fillings -These fillings have been in use for centuries. Due to its immense strength, it is the ideal type of filling.

Composite Filling -The resins of the composite are generally a combination of glass or quartz. Its color and properties highly match with that of natural teeth making it a highly demanding type of filling material.

Ceramic fillings -Ceramic fillings are made of porcelain. They closely match the color of our natural teeth. It is highly durable, stain-free, and offers excellent compatibility with the tissues of our teeth.

Glass ionomer - Glass ionomers are a combination of glass and Acrylic which makes it a perfect type of dental filling. Its properties offer significant protection to safeguard our teeth's surface.

After-care instructions

It is normal to experience a slight amount of sensitivity just after you have received your fillings. Such sensitiveness is expected to subside within the first two days gradually. Patients are advised to continue with their normal dental hygiene health care routines. We would encourage patients to use toothbrushes with soft bristles so that it doesn't irritate the filling and eventually switch to their standard toothbrushes.

Your dental fillings are manufactured to last for years. We would schedule your follow-up appointments with us. Also, patients are always free to get back to us in case of any discomfort.

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